About Us

Claudia Casillas

What we do:

We like to be straightforward around here, so we'll spare you the boring business intro. Cutting to the chase, here's what we do: We liberate you from the details. If you're reading this, we're guessing that you might have an idea of how consuming managing an event can be. There are a multitude of details that require your attention at the same time. Without proper planning, things can quickly spiral out of control. And who wants to juggle small details when you have more important things to do, such as seizing face-time with your important guests, clients and customers; or delivering your message to them? We liberate you from the details so that you can maximize your time and meet your event goals.

Who we do it for, and where:

We've had the privilege to work with some pretty awesome clients. Many of them have hired us on a continual basis. Some have entrusted us with their out-of-state events. We've worked in Boston, Las Vegas, London, Miami, New Orleans, New York City, Rochester NY, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. So, while we're based in Los Angeles, this means you don't have to be in Southern California to exploit our services!

Why us?

For one, we believe in good old-fashioned service where you come first and things get done. We also believe there is more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak); thus, we think creatively and work with you on designing the perfect guest experience for your type of event. Further more we employ industry best practices and operate with the highest standards, delivering our clients professional and friendly, quality service. We don’t bamboozle people with inane jargon; we're candid and super easy to work with. Forget inflated sales pitches and expect fabulous professional results, delivered with a smile at warp speed—contact us.

About our ringleader:

Claudia Casillas brings over ten years of experience working in both the television production and special events industries. Having studied Art Direction and Set Design for film and television, Claudia served in the art departments of several productions, including a stint as set decorator on two sitcoms for Columbia Tri-Star Television and as prop master (er, mistress) on a BET network show. Since forming Claudia Casillas Events in 2003, she has led the production of special events nationally throughout the U.S., and internationally in Europe and Latin America.

A quasi disclosure:

We are extremely committed to minimizing the environmental impact of the events we are involved with. We do this by 1) reducing the amount of waste and energy consumption at your event; 2) by donating or recycling the unused and leftover items such as gift bag inserts and floral arrangements; and 3) by re-using what our communities currently have, meaning we like to buy event supplies that are made of recycled or re-purposed materials. Even if you prefer not to make a big statement about your eco-friendly tree-hugging tendencies, we'll handle the greening of your event behind the scenes, during the planning and execution phases. It won't hurt anyone, we promise.