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Event Gifts & Awards

Don't slack off when ordering or keeping track of gifts and awards for your next event. If not handled properly, this little detail will end up costing you more time and money than it's worth. Do it right the first time. Start by downloading our Event Gifts & Awards Checklist and check one more thing off your list!

Napkin Folding

Hold the napkin rings! Our first volume in a series, Creative Napkin Folding, contains four unique napkin folds that will impress your dinner guests—or at least incite some interesting ice-breaking chatter.

Table Settings

Planning to do some social entertaining this spring or summer? Download our handy Table Settings Made Easy guide. It's a picture guide—so simple even a bachelor can figure it out. Fun for your kids as well, just hand it to them and have them set the table!

Emergency Checklist

Every event host would prefer a problem-free event; however, the reality is that sooner or later an on-site emergency will occur. Be prepared to handle any situation by formulating a comprehensive on-site emergency response plan. You can start by downloading our Event Emergency Safety Guide & Phone Checklist.

Trade Show Kit

Just in time for trade show season! Nothing chaps our hide more than when hotels and conference centers overcharge for simple stuff like a roll of tape! It's like buying toothpaste at the, sticker shock! Do yourself a favor and save a little time and money, and also the inconvenience of having to go booth-to-booth asking to borrow a pair of scissors. Download our handy Trade Show Booth Packing List, and have a crisis-free booth exhibit experience!

Room Layouts

Before your next meeting, presentation or training session, download our handy visual guide: Selecting a Meeting Room Layout. It is our very own in-house reference listing the pros and cons of possible configurations. We hope you find it useful.

Party Light Globe

Lighten up your holiday events with this Festive Hanging Light Globe. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the craft-challenged. Hang these up outside your home, on a tree, or use during your garden-patio entertaining anytime of the year.

Dinner Party Planner

Just in time for the holidays. Keep all of your dinner party information in one place: Guest list, menu, shopping list, seating arrangements and more. This handy Two-Page Planner will make your dinner entertaining a lot easier. We guarantee it!